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  • ATOTO S8 series is a new generation of Android car stereo based on Intel's 14nm process (higher efficiency, lower consumption), X86 architecture Octa-Core processor (High performance), and deep customization on Android Oreo. ATOTO S8 can bring confidence and satisfaction under various operations. Built-in ultra powerful Toshiba pre-amplifier with higher RMS power output & excellent performance. Car speakers from 2Ω to 8 Ω are all supported
  • ATOTO S8 enables six touch gestures that support two-figure / three-figure tap to quickly enter multi-task menu,switch between preset 9 EQ modes, adjust screen brightness, etc, which improve operation safety during driving. S8 Pro has integrated a special Panoramic Image Stitching algorithm that allows to process the image sent from a specific rear view camera and rebuild a dynamic,virtual but almost same-size ratio surroundings view.
  • Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1) chips inside allows S8 to enable multi-connections with phone and other BT devices simultaneously. BT2 supports connecting to a phone Bluetooth for accessing internet. BT1 comes with Qualcomm aptX HD audio codec - This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. This means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music. To enable this feature,your smartphone needs to support Bluetooth aptX HD,too
  • ATOTO S8 Pro applies latest QLED display, an type of quantum film LED-backlit LCD technology which can greatly improve color effect (Enhanced R.G.B display),and can display very clear and vivid picture quality. This QLED display screen also inherits the advantages of 178° full-viewing angle and high contrast of the IPS display. The SD slot of S8 can read up to 512GB external storage card, which greatly eases user's worry about insufficient memory storage.
  • Continuous system firmware update (Current firmware version is ATOTO UI 10.0). ATOTO will release new firmware update when available to ensure less bugs and new features added. Does this one fit my car? Do I need any other parts to finish installation? Which one fits my car better? Expert-support available (we fully understand our products, as well as general installing issues). Remember to write to us (support@myatoto.com) if you have any questions, or need help with S8.
    • Product Model: S8 Pro Version; Model No: S8G2A75P(4GB/32GB);
    • System Information. SoC Chip: Intel Airmont X86 Architecture Spreadtrum SC9853i Octa-Core CPU (up to 1.872GHz) with ARM Mali-T820 MP2 GPU, advanced 14nm manufacturing process. System Version: ATOTO AICE UI 10.0, which is developed & customized based on Android 8.1 Oreo; System Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese.
    • DSP / Pre-Amplifier: Built-in Digital Signal Processor allows you to set precise equalization, signal delay, bass boost, bass filter. Preset 9 EQ Modes, and 32 adjustable frequency bands (16 bands for front and 16 for rear). Built-in Max 4*49W BTL Amplifier with RMS 4*29W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%);
    • Bluetooth & Radio Tuner: Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1). Bluetooth1 is Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX & aptX HD codec (SBC & AAC are also supported), and it supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP protocols; Radio tuner: Built-in high sensitivity FM/AM radio tuner with RDS/RBDS feature (and the radio station name will be displayed if available);
    • Display: Full HD 7inch 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen with 600cd/m2 latest QLED screen (a type of quantum film LED-backlit LCD technology which can greatly improve the color effect, and can provide very clear and vivid picture quality. It also inherits the advantages of 178° full-viewing angle and high contrast of the IPS LCD);
    • GPS/Navigation: Built-in GPS, and Google Maps app is installed as the default GPS map. Users may need to download offline map data for a specific area for offline navigation. Other maps/navigation apps from Google Play Store can also be installed;
    • Phone Mirroring/Phone Integration Link: Phone Mirroring - EasyConnect app pre-installed, and it supports working with the latest iOS & Android devices (system firmware update may be required). Two options (USB /WiFi) are all available for connecting to Android smartphone and iPhone; Phone Integration Link (CarPlay & Android Auto Connection) - It seamlessly integrates your smartphone (iPhone & Android) with the S8's built-in display and controls via USB and allow you to make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions.


    Inputs,Outputs & Slots


    • AUX Audio(L/R) /Video input; FCAM front camera video input; Rearview camera input (support both CVBS video signal and 720P HD video signal); 2 video outputs; 4-CH RCA Audio Out (2v) for connecting to factory/aftermarket amplifier; Separate Sub-woof Out (0.8v); Digital Optic SPDIF Out;
    • One Micro SD slot - to store media files, and can read up to 512GB storage card; 5 USB interfaces - 4 for data communication, including reading USB Drive (read unlimited external storage devices, including portable SSD) & optional USB devices, and connecting phone for Mirror casting/EasyConnect or Phone Integration Link; 1 USB for QC 3.0 fast phone charge.


    Vehicle Fit:


    • Most dashboard mounting frame suppliers from North America may provide a double din mounting frame with 174mm*98mm opening (Metra dash kit, PAC dash kit,etc.). ATOTO is the first to bring an Android 7in car stereo with a minimum 174mm*97mm front panel dimension. An extra frame adapter is also included in the package to extend its size to 178mm*101.5mm;




    • Please do not try to root ATOTO S8 even if you are an Android developer, as it has been deeply customized and your experience with rooting/making changes to an android tablet/smartphone is not applicable here, and will damage the S8 system. Moreover, it is not covered by manufacturer's waranty;
    • Optional parts for working with ATOTO S8 Pro (sold separately): 1. ATOTO AC-44P2 1080P On-dash DVR Camera; 2. ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering wheel IR Remote; 3.ATOTO AC-4450 Bluetooth OBD II scanner /Code Reader; 4. ATOTO AC-HD02 HD Rear-view Camera or AC-HD03 Wide-angle HD rearview camera (for Virtual Surround View); 5. ATOTO AC-UTP1 USB TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor); Some of them must be connected before installing S8; All ATOTO optional accessories can be found here:amazon.com/atoto;


    More than a car stereo - Install Android Apps,play music online, run online map & get real-time traffic, connect various external devices to expand functions

    ATOTO S8 WIFI BLUETOOTH Tethering and multpule connection

    Access to the internet and install Android apps from Google Play Store


    • S8 allows users to connect to the phone's hotspot via 2.4Ghz WiFi or Bluetooth tethering option.
    • Running online maps or streaming music online on Android car stereo do not need high bandwidth(less than 200kb/s), Bluetooth tethering connection is capable of dealing with such demand.
    • Compared with WiFi connection, Bluetooth tethering has lower power consumption, so phone battery will last much longer while Bluetooth tethering is enabled;
    • WiFi connection is easier as it requires only one step - enable your phone's WLAN hotspot; Bluetooth connection requires 2 - 3 steps;
    • More than 1000 apps from Google Play Store have been tested installable on ATOTO S8 Series, especially media/entertainment apps and navigation apps in the category of "Auto & Vehicles". Very few app developers may specify devices/system environments that are allowed to install or run their apps, which results in the inability to install or run on any Android car stereos. Netflix is the case, but a specific version of Netflix is pre-installed so that you can still use it on S8;


    Android Car Stereo is not the equivalent of putting an Android tablet in the vehicle. The ATOTO S8 has lots of inputs and outputs customized for it to work better in vehicle


    • Connect to a specific USB On dash 1080P DVR camera for video preview & playback;
    • Connect to a specific ATOTO USB TPMS tire pressure monitor system. When one or more tires are under-inflated, it will pop up a prompt warning on the S8 screen, and even emit a prompt tone as a reminder;
    • Connect to a rearview camera with CVBS & HD video signal out for safe parking;
    • Connect to your Android / iOS smartphone via USB / WiFi and using EasyConnection to cast what's displayed on the phone to S8's screen;
    • Connect to your Android / iOS smartphone via USB for running iPhone CarPlay / Android Auto feature, which seamlessly integrates your smartphone (iPhone & Android) with the S8's built-in display and allow you to make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions;
    • Connect to an OBD II Diagnostic Scanner /Engine Code Reader via Bluetooth; Compared with single Bluetooth, dual Bluetooth makes communication tasks between multiple Bluetooth connections more balanced and stable.
    • Plug the phone into the dedicated QC 3.0 interface, S8 will charge the phone battery quickly.
    • Connect to up to 2 monitors via the video out interface, and what is displayed on S8 can be synchronized to headrest monitors.


    Dual Bluetooth chips inside, connectable to more Bluetooth-based devices, customized Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD audio codec and voice assistant interface

    ATOTO s8 Pro Android Car Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 aptX


    • The Bluetooth 1 works as Bluetooth hands-free (call/answer) with A2DP streaming audio feature. Contacts/recent records will be synchronized once the smartphone is connected. Supports "Quick Search" and "Add to Favorites" for quick dialing!
    • Built-in Noise Cancellation Technology helps suppress background noise and echo feedback in a hands-free call. You don't have to yell at the car stereo to talk with the other one.
    • ATOTO S8 Pro applies Qualcomm aptX HD codec, which was designed to answer the growing demand for high-resolution audio. This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. This means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music. Even though the average Bluetooth streaming solution is enough for the majority. For these hypercritical people (who are more obsessed with HD audio quality), there is still regret. Now, enjoy wireless HD audio easily with S8 Pro;
    • aptX Low Latency audio delivers sound in sync with what’s on-screen, reduces delay and improves end-to-end speed of the audio transmission (reduce the delay from 120ms to a minimum of 40ms!), resulting in high quality, synchronized sound, so you never miss a beat.
    • The aptX HD feature requires the phone side also to support Bluetooth aptX HD to perform correctly; Users can check this on Qualcomm aptX HD official website: aptx.com/products/atoto-in-car-entertainment-system
    • The Bluetooth 2 not only works as Bluetooth tethering internet but also allows to connect to Bluetooth gamepad(for kids in rear seats), Bluetooth OBD2, Bluetooth TPMS, etc.;
    • Because of dual Bluetooth inside, the system allows user to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously(one for audio, two for data communication).
    • The customized Bluetooth in S8 allows to wake up the phone's voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant) via Bluetooth connection. So users can use a specific button on the screen, steering wheel or ATOTO AC-44F5 wireless remote to send messages, make calls, and control music with your voice. Much safer, much convenient;ATOTO S8 QLED display

      Latest QLED display screen, great viewing experience

      *ATOTO S8 Pro applies the latest QLED display screen, a type of LED-backlit LCD technology that uses quantum dot enhancement film layer to improve the LED backlighting, which can produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light.

      *So it greatly improves the color effect and can provide ultra-clear and vivid picture quality. It also inherits the advantages of 178° full-viewing angle & high contrast of the IPS-LCD;

      *There is a Gallery Playback option in the system for users to put memorable photos in the specified gallery folder and let them autoplay on S8's 7in HD screen with only a tap.S8 easy operation

      More options to operate & control the S8 - Easy Operation to Ensure Safe Driving

      *Operating a car stereo while driving can be quite dangerous. ATOTO S8 provides up to 24 frequently-used functions for matching with steering wheel audio key. Manual programming or re-allocation is available.

      *For cars without steering wheel audio control, ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering Wheel IR Remote is highly recommended;

      *ATOTO S8 enables six touch gestures that support two-figure / three-figure tap on screen to enter multi-task menu quickly, switch between preset 9 EQ modes, adjust the screen brightness, etc., which improve operation safety during driving.

      *S8 supports split screen display, so that users can run navigation maps and another app (such as Youtube) on the same screenS8 Ultra powerful pre-amplifier

      DSP with Time Correction & Ultra Powerful Preamp

      Built-in Digital Signal Processor for tailored audio output

      *A DSP uses a microcontroller that is designed specifically to manipulate audio signals in the digital domain. It allows you to set precise equalization, signal delay (aka Time Correction or Time Alignment), bass boost, and bass filter (LFP)

      Ultra powerful Toshiba Pre-amplifier IC, Outstanding Listening Experience

      *The S8 Pro applies a much more powerful Toshiba preset amplifier, which comes with 4x49 Watts BTL Max output & 4x29w RMS output. With the conditions of non-distorted audio amplifying & delivering requirements, the RMS 29w power output lets user experience more powerful, more natural music/audio;

      *It can drive 2Ω - 8Ω door speakers

      S8 easy installation

      Highest Compatibility For Vehicle Fit/Installation

      Currently, the front panel of aftermarket car stereos with a 7inch screen has various sizes (178mmx100mm, 178mmx102mm,180mmx102). However, most mounting dash frame adapter suppliers (Metra, Scosche, PAC, etc) mainly provides 174mmx98mm dash opening, lots of users encountered issues /hassles during installation. ATOTO S8 universal double din models use size 193mmx97mm, and can fit them perfectly, no trimming/cutting job needed!

      This S8 model is a universal double din car stereo, and the extra accessories required to finish installation in a specific vehicle are not included, and it is the buyer's responsibility to prepare for them (if applicable).

      The accessories that may be involved include (but are not limited to) dash frame kit, wiring harness, radio antenna adapter, data interface,etc.

      S8 Virtual surround view

      HD 720P rearview video display with Virtual Surround View parking feature (single-camera based)

      Traditional car stereos can only take and display 400-600 lines CVBS rearview video signal. ATOTO S8 works with a specific HD camera (sold separately) to show HD 720P rearview video quality. S8 Pro has integrated a special Panoramic Image Stitching algorithm that allows the processing of the image sent from a specific rearview camera and rebuilds a dynamic, virtual, but almost same-size ratio surroundings view. It is quite helpful for drivers to park large vehicles (full-size sedan/SUV, van, light trucks) in a narrow or small space. The specified backup camera (AC-HD03) for Virtual Surround View parking is sold separately.

      s8 Privacy protection

      Personal Privacy Protection without sacrificing convenience

      In order to protect Google /Facebook & other SNS accounts from being accessed, S8 has a screen lock option for users to lock the screen when the car (car stereo) is not in their control (Valet Parking, or vehicle taken by others). An additional option (Unlock with Bluetooth) allows users to unlock S8 screen once phone Bluetooth is connected automatically. You do not have to input the password manually to unlock the screen. Now, all you need to lock or unlock your S8 is just walk out of its Bluetooth range.

      S8 online registration and protect

      Online Product Protetion Registration & Continuous System Software Update

      Online Product Registration:

      S8's buyers can register the products purchased online in the AOCSS system (support.myatoto.com), and have the change to get extended 180-day product protection (see details announced in the AOCSS system). Registering product could help users to achieve support easily with top priority (since we can access the initial order details & product SN code).

      System Firmware Update:

      ATOTO will continuously improve S8's system firmware every a few months once necessary. Get continued firmware update when available to ensure few bugs and new features are added.

      Users can find the availability of firmware update notification by logging into AOCSS.