ATOTO AD3 Carplay Wireless Adapter(B Verison ), Wired to Wireless Carplay Adapter for Factory or Aftermarket Car Stereo, Compatible with Chevrolet/Ram Pick-up/Subaru/Mercedes-Benz(This model only can be shipped to North American Areas)

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  • This model only can be shipped to North American Areas.

  • 【Any car stereo with wired CarPlay】It doesn't matter if you are using the original car stereo on your vehicle, or an aftermarket car stereo from Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, Dual, Jensen, ATOTO, etc. As long as wired CarPlay is available on it, you can enjoy wireless CarPlay with AD3! No need to replace the car stereo. Just plug AD3 in it and enjoy, saving you time, money and troubles. No messy cables, either. One USB cable and you are good to go.
  • 【Full CarPlay Functions】AD3 supports all CarPlay functions. Only it's wireless, making it easier to use maps, listen to music, make calls, and verbally send and listen to messages while you focus on driving. Take note that wireless CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 9.0 or higher.
  • 【Connect, then Forget】After connecting for the first time (Bluetooth pairing, and Wi-Fi will automatically connect), you can enjoy automatic connection whenever you ignite the engine, no need to take your phone out of your pocket every time. In other words, you will hardly notice it's even there!
  • 【Latest Hardware】With the latest hardware in AD3, the Bluetooth connection is quick, and the 5 GHz Wi-Fi data transmission is fast. Besides, your OEM Steering Wheel Controls will not be altered. Just get in the car, start the engine, and then CarPaly is automatically launched on your car stereo. Really convenient.
  • 【Count on Our After-Service】ATOTO's professional after-service will support you all the way. 6 months free warranty to guarantee your product performance and user experience. Register your ATOTO products at the AOCSS system, then you may get an extra extended 180-days free warranty. Items in your package: 1 X AD3 wireless CarPlay adapter, 2 X USB cables (USB A-USB C and USB C-USB C), 1 X User Manual, 1 X Warranty Card.


Wired to WIRELESS CarPlay in Your Vehicle with ATOTO AD3

AD3 wireless CarPlay

Notices for You Before Buying


  • With factory head units: Compatible with Toyota/Audi/Porsche/Volvo/Volkswagen/Mercedes-Benz/Hyundai/Honda Civic CR-V/Peugeot Chevrolet/Ford, etc.; not compatible with factory head units without wired CarPlay.
  • With aftermarket head units: Compatible with aftermarket head units from Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, Dual, Jensen, Boss Audio, etc. with wired CarPlay.
  • With cell phones: Compatible with iPhone 5 and later models with iOS 9.0 or higher; not compatible with Android phones.
  • With applications: Compatible with CarPlay only; not compatible with Android Auto.


  1. NOT compatible with Android and WINCE car stereos.
  2. If wireless CarPlay is already available on your head unit (for instance, wireless CarPlay is available on ALL ATOTO S8 Gen2 models), then there is no need for AD3.
  3. VERY few vehicle models may not be compatible. In case of compatibility issues, online firmware updates are available (see below). Please check with ATOTO customer support for more detailed information.


Compact, Light, and Easy to Set up — Automatic Connection after 3 Simple Steps





No More Entangled Cords! Just Enjoy Full CarPlay Functionality,

and Drive Freely!


For OEM & Aftermarket Head Units with Wired CarPlay


Plug-n-Play & Automatic Connection


Unaltered Steering Wheel Audio Controls


Online Navigation


Siri Voice Control


Full CarPlay Functionality


Online Update

There is a small chance that CarPlay is not automatically launched on your head unit even after you have completed the connection. The reason is that there are many variants in the connection between a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter and various OEM and aftermarket head units. Our tool for dealing with this is the AD3 Online Update System.

A QR code will be provided in the package. If needed, scan it to enter the system. You can report your specific issue in the system, and we will deal with it. The result is a firmware update specifically tailored to your needs. A happy ending is guaranteed.