ATOTO AC-HD02LR-A 720P Rearview Camera. Compatible with ATOTO S8 Standard/ F7 Series / A6 KarLink Version,Not Compatible SA102 / A6Y(This model can't be shipped to North American area.)

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  • This model can't be shipped to North American area. Users from North American area can go check for alternative listings.

  • HD 720P Rear-view Backup Parking Assist Camera, which can output 720P HD video signal. Special wiring design plus system firmware support allows user to have a live rearview when vehicle is moving ahead
  • It only works on selected ATOTO car stereos (F7 Series, S8 Standard and A6 KarLink version) and the video image quality is much better than traditional cameras that output CVBS signal type. It is not compatible with other car stereo brands!
  • If you own ATOTO S8 (Gen2), and it comes with virtual surround view feature, we highly recommend ATOTO VSV 720P camera instead.
  • It does not work on the ATOTO A6Y Series Android car stereo or SA102 Starter. Besides, S8 models manufactured before Jan. 2021 (also known as S8 Gen 1) can support ATOTO 720P Rearview Camera, but the system firmware update is required before the LRV feature can work properly.
  • HD Rear View Backup Parking Assist Camera with Installation Cables. Easy to install: 2 Installation options, you could choose bracket mounting or flush mounting as per your case.