ATOTO AC-CPAA48 USB Smartphone Link Receiver Adapter

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  • perfect for running iPhone CarPlay & Android Auto on an Android car stereo screen that initially doesn't have such features, it does not work with non-Android car stereo and factory car stereo!
  • compatible with all iPhone models and most Android smartphones that could be installed with Android Auto apps
  • You can run selected phone apps on an Android car stereo without installing them, as long as the apps are CarPlay/Android Auto compatible!
  • phone message,contacts, history,etc will be synchronized to the Android car stereo via this AC-CPAA48 USB smartphone Link receiver adapter
  • There is a Soc chip within this adapter, and it has an separate system for running these 2 features(CarPlay & Android). The display resolution is 800x480, exactly the same as in these car factory carplay radio or Japanese carplay receiver brands