ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PR-G 2DIN Android Car Stereo

ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PR-G 2DIN Android Car Stereo

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[NEW]ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo w/ 2x Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PR-G 2GB/32GB 2DIN In dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,WiFi,Gesture Operation, support 256G SD &more

  • ATOTO A6 Pro has all the features available previously on A6 Premium (vehicle pecific FM/AM Radio tuner with RDS, builtin GPS Navigation module, AUX Audio/video input,Backup camera/dash camera input/TPMS/4G dongle/Dab+ input, Dual Bluetooth for handsfree & data transfer, steering wheel audio control,Quick Booting, max 2A quick charge), and some extra & exclusive features;
  • 3).This model comes with 1000cd/m2 TFT-LCD display screen,which has highest brightness to help improve the viewing experience in daylight! 4).Dual Wi-Fi band connection support means even if the routers/public hotspots are set AP band of 5Ghz, A6 Pro can still connect to it for internet access! Besides reversing camera video input, extra two video inputs (CVBS signal) allow users to connect up to 2 cameras simultaneously for special purpose (side camera view, front off-road camera view)
  • 5). Exclusive Hands Gesture Recognition Sensor allows driver to control ATOTO A6 with one more option, and it's very cool to use hands gesture to skip tracks, adjust system volume, and access other operations quickly; Only the ATOTO A6 Pro whose model number ends with "-G" has Gesture Operation. In order to get the gesture sensor to work properly, please kindly check the installation requirements before purchasing! Here is the page for details
  • Latest ATOTO AICE OS 9.4 system firmware is applied, and it has lots of improvements compared with previous ATOTO AICE OS 9.3. Screen Lock option is now available for users to lock the screen when the car (car stereo) is not in their control (Valet Parking, vehicle taken by others). New firmware update in future can be found on ATOTO Online Customer Service Support System(AOCSS,support#myatoto#com)
  • Exclusive features are: 1).Latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX feature - Streams Wired Quality Sound, Wirelessly,(to enable this feature,your smartphone needs to support Bluetooth aptX,too); 2).Ultra powerful Toshiba pre-amplifier inside with higher RMS power output & excellent performance. Car speakers from 2Ω to 8 Ω are all supported; Most preamplifiers can only power 4 Ω- 8 Ω,but certain users may add 2Ω door speakers to replace factory one for powerful listening;


  • Product Version: A6Y Pro Version with Gesture sensor (& 4 touching buttons available on the left)
  • Model Name: A6Y2721PR-G (2GB/32GB);
  • SoC Chip: MTK 8127A Soc-based Quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU with ARM Mali-450 MP4 GPU.
  • System Version: ATOTO AICE OS 9.4, which is developed & customized based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS;
  • System Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese.
  • Pre-Amplifier: Built-in Max 4*49W BTL Amplifier with RMS 4*29W (Vcc=14.4v,THD=10%); It can drive both 4Ω & 2Ω door speakers! Be aware that only emphasizing higher max power out does not make any sense, as RMS power out is the most acceptable and practical indicator (non-distorted) to tell its max performance for daily listening!
  • Preset 9-band EQ with 12 section adjustable frequency;
  • Bluetooth: Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.0). Bluetooth1 is Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 w/ aptX feature, and it supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP;
  • Radio tuner: Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner w/ RDS (station name will be displayed if available);
  • Display: Full HD 7" 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen with ultra high brightness 1000cd/m2 display screen;
  • GPS/Navigation: Builtin GPS Receiver module with external GPS antenna, and Google Maps app is installed as the default gps map, users may need to download offline map data for certain area for offline navigation if preferred. Other map/navigation apps from Google Play Store can also be installed;
  • Phone Mirroring/Casting: Latest Easy-connect app preinstalled, and it supports working with latest iOS 11.3 & Android 8.0 devices. 2 options (USB /WiFi) available for connecting to Android smartphone(Wi-Fi option is only for Android 7.1 or down), and 1 option (Air-play) for iOS device.
  • WiFi/Microphone: All ATOTO A6 series have builtin microphone & Ultra external Wi-Fi antenna (Silver plated copper wire). For ATOTO A6 Premium / Pro version, external microphone is also provided! All ATOTO A6 series use latest builtin MEMS microphone so that the phone call quality can match up with some factory car microphones!
  • Gesture Control: It can recognize 7 types of hands gestures (Move Up, Move Down, Move Forward, Move Backward, Circle clock-wise, Circle Counter-clockwise, Wave) & up to 23 options can be programmed;

Inputs,Outputs & Slots


  • Reversing camera input
  • AUX Audio/Video input
  • 4-CH RCA Audio Out (4V) for connecting to factory/aftermarket amplifier;
  • Separate Sub-woof Out (4V) (Manual /Automatic mode available) ;
  • One Micro SD slot - to store media files,dash DVR records
  • 3 USB interfaces - Read USB Drive, and optional USB devices.
  • Both USB interfaces and Micro SD slot can read unlimited external storage devices, including SSD Hard-drive, as long as it can be powered on with USB 500mA interface!

Vehicle Fit:


  • The double din size of ATOTO A6 series provide 5 types of front panel size as option: 173mm*97mm, 178mm*101.5mm, 205mm*104mm(Toyota specific),8in VW specific, and Ultra 10.1inch, and their model name start as A6Y27xxxx, A6Y17xxxx, A6YTY7xxx, A6YVW8xxx and A6Y1021xxx.
  • Most dashboard mounting frame suppliers from North America may provide double din mounting frame with 174mm*98mm opening (Metra dash kit, PAC dash kit,etc). ATOTO is the first one to bring Android 7in car stereo with minimum 174mm*97mm front panel dimension!  An extra plastic frame is also included in the package to extend its size to 178mm*101.5mm;



  • All ATOTO A6 Standard/Premium/Pro models do not provide iPod ready/headrest video output option.
  • ATOTO A6 Standard version does not have 2A Quick Charge feature, and no external microphone is included in the package. Actually,builtin microphone is good enough for Bluetooth hands-free in daily use.
  • Optional parts for working with ATOTO A6 are provided separately: 1. ATOTO On-dash DVR Camera (via USB interface); 2. ATOTO Steering wheel control IR Remote; 3. Bluetooth OBD2 tool; 4. Rear view Camera; 5. ATOTO USB TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system); and some of them requires to be connected before installing A6. So to avoid removing and re-installing hassles, (if you need them), purchasing & installing them with A6 together is highly recommended;
  • Latest firmware downloading source and updating guide can be found on AOCSS (ATOTO Online CS System)

Exclusive Hands Gesture Recognition & Control features - Operate the ATOTO A6 with a much safe, cool way - up to 23 options can be programmed

Hands gesture control sensor ATOTOA 6 Pro


  • Safe driving has been one of the top concerns for every driver. Some old cars do not have factory steering wheel audio control feature, or keys for quick controlling are less, and even there are buttons on the left/bottom of the car stereo, it is still unsafe in certain cases.
  • The Gesture control option available on selected ATOTO A6 Pro models allows users to access certain apps, skip tracks, adjust volume, or other quick actions easily with different hands gestures. Proficient operation can be done without keeping the eyes on car stereo;
  • The gesture sensor is managed by inside gesture app, and users can enable or disable certain gesture freely. Currently there are 23 options that can be programmed/allocated for being controlled by 7 gestures. There are initially 9 gestures available from this gesture sensor, but the first 2 were disabled permanently, more information can be found from ATOTO online web support system;
  • As the gesture sensor needs to send out infrared ray (940nm spectrum) to seize the gesture movements, and sunlight also has this 940nm spectrum, the performance may be slightly interfered in strong daylight (when too much sun light goes in and it may let the Hands Gesture sensor be mildly blind/dazed to driver's gesture movements;
  • Certain vehicles may not be qualified for installing the ATOTO A6 Pro that comes with gesture sensor feature, due to the facts that: 1). Some installation mounting kit may have a concave double din opening, which might (partially) block the IR light from casting to form a complete pyramid-shaped operation area, and certain gestures may not be recognized successfully; 2). For certain vehicles, the operation of turning the steering wheel may cause the hands to go through the gesture operation area, or the operation of turning on wiper controller may also cause the same effect, and the system responds/reacts unexpectedly. Please kindly read the document "ATOTO A6 Pro Gesture Sensor Installation Requirements" for more information before making decision.

Dual Bluetooth chips, connectable to more Bluetooth-based device & Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 w/ aptX Feature - Streams Wired Quality Sound, Wirelessly



  • The Bluetooth 1 works as Bluetooth hands-free (call/answer) with  A2DP streaming audio feature. Contacts/recent records will be synchronized once smartphone is connected. All the contacts can be searched by manually typing or A-Z filtering and users can add certain contacts to "Favor" list for quick dialing!
  • Easy pairing & connection - 2 steps, finishing within 2-3 seconds!
  • ATOTO A6 Pro models apply latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 w/ aptX Feature - it could help decode the high quality audio delivered from phones that Bluetooth of which are also supporting aptX coding/decoding technology, and play the music at Wired Quality Sound level, yet wirelessly. Even though the average Bluetooth streaming solution is enough for the majority, there is still regret for these hypercritical people (who are more obsessed with wired CD music). Now throw away your AUX cables, external storage, just play the music stored in your phone via Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 w/ aptX option;
  • The aptX feature requires the phone side to also support Bluetooth aptX feature to perform perfectly;
  • Media ID3 info(song name, singer and album) will also be synchronized when using Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, and dynamic sound spectrum displays when music is playing. Just say goodbye to an empty playback screen!
  • Phone signal strength /battery power could be displayed on A6 notification bar!
  • The Bluetooth 2 not only works as Bluetooth tethering internet, but also allows to connect to Bluetooth game pad(for kids in rear seats), Bluetooth OBD2, Bluetooth TPMS, and transferring files between A6 and smartphone is also supported! Now the A6 can work with most of the Bluetooth OBD2 devices (other android car stereo brand may only supports basic OBD models from them) and other Bluetooth enabled devices(installed for car use) that are available on the market, as long as they are compatible with smartphone's Bluetooth!
  • The system allows to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously(one for audio,two for data communication)
  • Versatile Connectivity


    • Android Car Stereo is not the equivalent of putting an Android tablet in the car. The ATOTO A6 has lots of inputs and outputs customized for working better in car:
    • Reversing camera input for connection to any backup camera that has standard CVBS video signal out (RCA interface);
    • USB interfaces for connecting to USB On-dash camera/ 3G dongle/ TPMS & more!
    • AUX audio(Left/Right)/video input;
    • Builtin EasyConnect app allows users to cast what's displayed on phone to ATOTO screen via USB/WiFi;
    • Ultra Pre-amplifier IC & Latest IPS Display screen


      • The pre-amplifier IC applied to ATOTO A6 Standard & Premium version has been the best one we found that could perform so excellent in processing treble, middle & bass audio and get a positive balance.
      • Now the A6 Pro applies newest & much more powerful Toshiba preset amplifier IC (4x49 Watts BTL Max output & 4x29w RMS output). Under the condition of non-distorted audio amplifying & delivering requirements, the RMS 29w power output lets user experience more powerful, more natural music/audio
      • It can drive both 4Ω and 2Ω door speakers;
      • ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR/A6Y2721PR-G applies highest 1000cd/m2 display screen, which also helps improve viewing experience in strong daylight

      More options for internet access


      • More than 300 apps from Google Play Store have been tested installable on ATOTO A6 Series.
      • Thanks to Ultra external Wi-Fi antenna (Silver plated copper wire), WiFi reception has been significantly improved, and the reception of ATOTO WiFi can be comparable to some smartphones!
      • Most users need to run online map or stream music online on Android car stereo and these requirements do not need high bandwidth(less than100kb/s), Bluetooth tethering connection is enough . The records tested on ATOTO A6 with iPhone 7 via Bluetooth connection are up to 180kb/s;
      • WiFi hot spot option from smartphone has much higher power consumption. Phone battery could last much longer via Bluetooth tethering connection;
      • Both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wi-Fi Band are supported for connection

        Highest Compatibility For Vehicle Fit/Installation

        There has been a consensus on the dimension of double din in dash metal case for installation (178mm*100mm/7"x3.94"), But there's no agreement on dimension of the front face-plate part. So lots of users encountered issues /hassles with other 2 din head units when installation dash kits are applied.
        Most installation dash kit brands provide 2 din mounting frame with 174mm*98mm opening (Metra, Scosche, PAC dash kit,etc).
        ATOTO A6(Y)27xxx can fit perfectly! No trimming/cutting job is needed!
      • Max 2A Quick Charge - Replenish Phone Battery Power Easily

        Phone battery power may drop quickly, especially when it is streaming audio via Bluetooth, or sharing phone data (WiFi hot spot or BT Tethering) for Android car stereo to access internet, or running EasyConnect app wirelessly. Powered by inner PMS IC, ATOTO A6 Premium/Pro can deliver power to smartphone faster than other Android car stereos (500mA - 600mA). Max charging speed is determined by charging protocol from phone, & length or materials of the charging cable.




        Fast Boot - Access the system less than 2 seconds

        To speed up the boot time of Android system from 25s to only 2s is never easy. Protecting car battery from draining out,as well as ensuring quick boot available every time you start the engine are the two key essentials. This feature has been tested in more than 40000 pcs of ATOTO products (M4 & A6) and is reliable enough. The inner clock will count and if the vehicle is parked for more than 7 days, it will be automatically powered off to save car battery power.


        ATOTO A6 Pro system firmware update

        Constant Firmware Update From ATOTO


        • ATOTO has been continuously improving the system firmware of ATOTO A6 series every a few weeks or months once necessary. The latest firmware version has been updated to ATOTO AICE OS 9.4;
        • Get continued firmware update when available to ensure less bugs and new features are added.
        • Users can find the availability of firmware update notification from ATOTO AOCSS. Login AOCSS to learn more.
        • Privacy protection option has been added since AICE OS 9.4;
        Online product registration A6

        Online Product Protetion Registration

        ATOTO buyers can register the products purchased from online marketplace or ATOTO dealers on AOCSS system with a few steps, and can also take the chance to get extended 180-day product protection by following extra specified requirements announced on the AOCSS web system. Registering product could help users to get help easily with top priority (since we could access the initial order details & product SN information up on receiving your request )