ATOTO A6 PF 9inch Double-DIN Android Car Stereo(This model only can be shipped to the USA)

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  • This model only can be shipped to the USA. Users from other countries can go check for alternative listing

  • Operating system: Android 10.0. ATOTO A6 PF double DIN car stereo supports wired Android Auto and wired CarPlay, offering you a safe, intuitive, and convenient way to use your phone in the vehicle. Make calls, send and receive messages, use maps, listen to music, etc. with just a word or a touch. AutoLink, a wired phone mirroring link option, is also available, enabling apps not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto to be displayed on A6 PF.
  • 3 options for internet access - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering (typically, Android car stereos only offer the Wi-Fi option); reads max. 512 GB external USB storage or 2TB SSD drive for multimedia playback (no SD Card option); 9 EQ presets; multi-band EQ setting with the time correction feature allow for deep custemorization for your sophisticated ears; video output to headrest monitors via RCA video out interfaces (ATOTO AC-AHV68 USB to HDMI adaptor or AC-AHV48 USB to RCA adaptor required)
  • With a 178° full-viewing angle 1280 * 720 IPS display screen, navigation prompts, etc. appear more clearly than on traditional display screens. Coupled with ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera (not included), A6 PF offers a live rear-view (LRV) even when the vehicle is moving forward, avoiding obstructions inside and increasing the field of view (NOT compatible with AC-HD03LR). It can process 720P HD rear-view and front-view camera input (common car stereos can only connect to cameras of 480-600 lines).
  • A6 PF is equipped with dual Bluetooth chips, one for hands-free calls and A2DP music streaming, and one for Bluetooth tethering. It supports six touch gestures; some frequent tasks can be performed with a simple tap or swipe. If steering wheel controls are not available on your vehicle, ATOTO AC-44F8 Wireless Remote Control can be added for wirelss control (NOT compatible with AC-44F5), making operation during driving even more convenient.
  • A6 PF is universally fit. The 9-in. screen is less likely to block the vents, emergency buttons, etc. than the 10-in. screen, while still being nice and big. With YO-FUNG vehicle-specific Installation Dash Kit (wiring harness, data interface, mounting kit), it offers an integrated & OEM Factory-style look. Over 200 vehicle models have the opportunity to complete the OEM factory-style installation. We continue to update the firmware. Find notifications at the ATOTO AOCSS online support system.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

ATOTO A6 Performance (PF) Series Car Stereo Receiver - Keeping You Connected on the Road!

Android Auto and Carplay A609PF

Basic Product Information

Android Double DIN 9 inch Car Stereo Receiver A6 PF


  • 8 Core ARM Cortex-A55 / 2 GB + 32 GB / Android 10.0
  • Supports wired Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link (EasyConnection App)
  • 3 Options for Internet Access - Hotspot, Bluetooth and USB network tethering
  • GPS/Navigation: Built-in GPS chip with external GPS antenna, online and offline map support
  • Bluetooth hands-free & audio streaming / Bluetooth screen lock
  • 9-inch 1280 * 720 IPS touch screen with a 178° full-viewing angle
  • 2 USB ports, one for Phone Link (CarPlay, Android Auto, EasyConnection), and one for external storage- reads up to 2TB SSD
  • HD rear-view camera input / Live rear-view (LRV) feature / 178° full-viewing angle capacitive touch screen / Touch gesture control

Vehicle Fit

  • A6 PF can be installed in vehicles that have a standard double DIN dashboard opening. And with YO-FUNG vehicle-specific Installation Dash Kits (wiring harness, data interface, mounting kit), it offers a more integrated & OEM Factory-style look after installation. Over 200 vehicle models have the opportunity to complete the OEM factory-style installation.
  • Compared to the 10.1-inch display, the risk of the vents, emergency buttons, etc., getting blocked is lower with the 9-inch display, while you still enjoy the benefits of a nice and big screen.
  • Extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). It is the buyer's responsibility to prepare them (if applicable). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a CANBUS data interface, etc.

Android Auto and Carplay A609PF

3 Options for Internet Access - Install Android apps, play music online, run online Maps & get real-time traffic info

1. Connecting to the phone's hotspot via 2.4GHz&5.0 GHz WiFi

Just enable WLAN hotspot on your phone and connect.

2. Bluetooth tethering for saving power

For running online maps or streaming music, a relatively low bandwidth, e.g. 200 kb/s, is enough. Switch to Bluetooth tethering, as it has the advantage of consuming less power than hotspot.

3. USB Network Tethering (an EXCLUSIVE feature from ATOTO)

Still insecure about your phone power? We understand. That is exactly why we offer a 3rd option. With a USB cable, you can have almost the same bandwidth as with hotspot, and your phone battery can even charge slightly. You only need to run EasyConnection in the background.

Note: More than 1000 apps from Google Play Store have been tested compatible with A6 PF, esp. media/entertainment apps and navigation apps in "Auto&Vehicles". Very few developers such as Netflix specify devices/system environments required to install or run their apps. Android car stereos are usually ruled out.



Dual Bluetooth chips, connectable to more Bluetooth-based devices to expand functions, customized Bluetooth 5.0 and voice assistant

Dual Bluetooth allows users to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously (one for audio, two for data communication)!


  • Bluetooth 1 is intended for hands-free calls and A2DP music streaming. It synchronizes contacts and recent records once the phone is connected, and supports "Quick Search" and "Add to Favorites" for quick dialing! Built-in Noise Cancellation Technology helps suppress background noise and echo feedback in a hands-free call. No more yelling.
  • Bluetooth 2 is not only used for network tethering, it also allows you to connect to gamepads (for kids in the rear seats), OBD2, TPMS, etc..


The customized Bluetooth in A6 PF allows you to wake up your phone's voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.) via Bluetooth connection. Tap the button on the screen or press the corresponding steering wheel audio key (or button on ATOTO AC-44F8) to send messages, make calls, and control music playing with your voice. Much more intelligent; much more convenient.



USB Audio/Video Playback & Video Output for Back Seat Entertainment

  • Built-in music/video player assures video resolution up to 1080P and high-quality audio. All you need to do is plug in an external USB storage device with media files on it! It supports up to 2TB (2048 GB) USB SSD for multimedia playback.
  • The Built-in Video Output feature allows you to connect up to 2 monitors to this unit via the RCA Video Out interface (ATOTO AC-AHV48 USB To RCA adaptor is required, sold separately). Rear seat passengers can enjoy an uncompressed aural-visual experience during traveling. The kids will love it!


HD 720P Rear-View Video Display with Live Rear-View (LRV)


  • HD 720P reversing video: Typically, car stereos can only take and display 480-600 lines CVBS rear-view videos. A6 PF, however, displays HD 720P rear-view videos with a specific HD camera (ATOTO AC-HD02LR rear-view camera is required, sold separately). Say goodbye to the snowy static pictures when reversing the vehicle.
  • Live Rear-View (LRV) - Displaying the rear-view even when the vehicle is moving forward, unobstructed by passengers, headrests, and the vehicle’s roof & rear pillars, with a larger view (covering the lanes behind and typical blind-spots).

Android Auto and Carplay A609PF

More Options to Operate A6 PF - Smarter Driving

  • 24 frequently used functions mappable to the OEM steering wheel audio keys (alternatively, to ATOTO AC-44F8 steering wheel IR remote) for convenient operation
  • six touch gestures as shortcuts to EQ Setting, Brightness Adjustment, etc.
  • split-screen display allows you to run two apps (e.g. Youtube and Map) on the screen simultaneously.

NOTE: For A6 PF, the compatible wireless remote control is ATOTO AC-44F8; AC-44F5 is not compatible.


178° Full-viewing Angle IPS Display screen, Brilliant Viewing Experience

  • A6 PF is equipped with a 9-inch 1280 * 720 IPS touch screen with a 178° full-viewing angle, which helps improve your viewing experience in highly lit areas. Important app tips such as navigation prompts display on the screen in HD definition, which is not what a typical display screen can do;
  • The IPS display technology offers outstanding color rendition and retains displaying naturalness.

Android Auto and Carplay A609PF

DSP with Time Correction & Ultra Powerful Pre-amplifier

Built-in Digital Signal Processor for tailored audio output: A DSP uses a micro-controller for manipulating audio signals in the digital domain. You can set precise equalization, signal delay (aka Time Correction), bass boost, and bass filter (LFP). If you know what you are doing, the sky is the limit to your audio experience.

Ultra-powerful Toshiba Pre-amplifier IC, Outstanding Listening Experience: The A6 Performance series is armed with a Toshiba preset amplifier with 4x45 Watts BTL Max output & 4x24w RMS output, offering you powerful yet natural, undistorted audio. It can drive 4Ω-8Ω door speakers.


Android Auto and Carplay A609PF

Personal Privacy Protection without Sacrificing Convenience

To protect Google / Facebook & other SNS accounts from unintended access, A6 PF offers a screen lock option for users to lock the screen when the car (car stereo) is not in their control (valet parking or vehicle taken by others). An additional option (Unlock with Bluetooth) allows users to unlock the screen once Bluetooth connection is automatically re-established. You do not have to input the password manually. All you need to do to lock or unlock your A6 PF screen is walk out of and back in its Bluetooth range.



Online Product Protection Registration & Continuous System Software Update

Online Product Registration: You can register ATOTO products at the AOCSS system ( and may get an extended 180-day after-service (see details announced in the AOCSS system). Registering products can help you get the service with top priority as we can access the initial order details and product SN code).

System Firmware Update: ATOTO will update A6 PF's system firmware whenever necessary to improve the system and offer new features. Find firmware update notifications by logging in to AOCSS.