[8 inch] ATOTO F7 XE-N 8 Inch Screen Double-DIN & Single-DIN Car Stereo- Wireless CarPlay&Android Auto, IPS Display, Bluetooth,HD LRV(Live Rearview), Mirror Link,Quick Charge, SXM Input(This model only could be shipped to the USA)

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  • This model only can be shipped to the USA.

  • 【Wired & Wireless CarPlay】CarPlay seamlessly integrates your iPhone with F7. Have Siri make calls, play music, send messages that you dictate/read messages, give you directions, etc., while you focus on driving. All you have to do is speak into the built-in mic or the one included. If you prefer not to say "hey, Siri" all the time, press the SWC key (or ATOTO AC-44F5) to wake it up. No division in your family between iPhoner users & Android phone users, as F7 also supports Android Auto.
  • 【Wired & Wireless Android Auto】Similar to CarPlay, Android Auto is the Android version of the answer to the question "how to safely use your phone while driving". Do all the things described in the CarPlay point. Only your voice assistant is different now. Note: F7 supports listening to FM/AM radio or music on your USB/SD device while navigating in CarPlay or Android Auto (other car stereos may not). Armed with PMS firmware, F7 supports quick charging while your phone is plugged to it.
  • 【1280*720 IPS Screen & MirrorLink】F7 XE's 8-inch 1280*720 IPS screen with a 178°full-viewing angle offers great viewing experiences even in broad daylight; navigation prompts, etc., can be viewed more clearly than on traditional screen. If you want to view apps not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto on the big screen, MirrorLink is the solution. Important: Certain video streaming services do not support MirroLink. Check before purchase and see below for details.
  • 【Live Rear-View, SXM & Preamp】The LRV (Live Rear-view) option allows you to have a real-time rear-view even when the vehicle is moving forward (ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera required), free from the obstructions behind you in the vehicle. F7 can process 720P HD rear-view camera input (other car stereos can only connect to cameras of 480-600 lines). F7 XE is SiriusXM ready. With its built-in max. 4*49W & RMS 4*29W amplifier, plus a 10-band EQ with 7 presets, it offers a great audio experience.
  • 【Essential Features】F7 XE is a universal single DIN car stereo (also double DIN with the DIN pocket included). AM/FM tuner; BT 5.0 handsfree & A2DP music streaming; USB/SD media playback; front & rear camera inputs; video outputs for headrest monitors. ATOTO's professional customer support team is there for you to solve any problems concerning the installation, operation, etc. of your ATOTO products.


ATOTO F7 XE Head Unit Receiver - The Wireless Life


Product Information


  • Product Version: F7 Extreme Edition (XE). Model: F7 XE-N(8 Inch); Operating System: Linux 4.9.217; Mounting style: SAH08D (Single DIN Adaptive Head Unit with a 8-inch Display, also could be mounted as double DIN)
  • Supports WIRELESS & wired CarPlay and WIRELESS & wired Android Auto (compatibility information is specified in the corresponding sections below) (IMPORTANT: For wired Android Auto/CarPlay connection, users should use the factory/original USB cable that came with the phone, non-manufacturer-made USB cables may lead to connection issues like a black screen, or an unstable connection.)
  • SiriusXM ready (a SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner and subscription are required)
  • Full HD 8" 1280*720 IPS display screen with a 178° full-viewing angle (brightness 600cd/m2); 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth 5.0, supports hands-free calls and streaming music; safer driving when you can answer calls/hang up, play/pause, switch tracks, adjust the volume, etc. on the head unit, with the steering wheel controls, or with ATOTO AC-44F5 wireless IR remote; Radio tuner: Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner with RBDS
  • HD 720P rearview video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature (ATOTO AC-HD02LR rearview camera is required, sold separately)
  • Built-in pre-amplifier: max. 4*49W with RMS 4*29W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%); 10-band EQ with 7 presets
  • GPS/Navigation: F7 XE-N comes with a specific hardware solution to integrate iOS CarPlay or Android Auto into its system so that you can run iOS Maps or Google Maps/Waze on the big HD screen, as long as they are available on your phone
  • Fast charging: powered by inner PMS firmware, F7 XE-N can deliver power to smartphones faster (max. 1.5 A) than other head unit brands (300mA - 500mA) while running wired CarPlay/Android Auto; data transmission & phone charging can be done simultaneously
  • 6 physical buttons with 8 functions in total enable you to perform simple tasks such as turning down the volume during driving with ease


Inputs, Outputs & Slots


  • 3 video inputs, Reversing Camera Input, AUX Audio/Video In & Front Camera Video In, can process 720P HD video signals. For reversing camera input, you can connect a specified ATOTO HD rearview camera to F7 XE-N for 720P video display (most other head unit brands can only process CVBS 480-600 lines video signals); For F7 XE head units, the specified rearview camera is AC-HD02LR (sold separately); AC-HD03LR is not compatible
  • 2 RCA Headrest Video Outputs; 4-CH RCA Audio Out (2v) for connecting to a factory/aftermarket amplifier; Separate Subwoofer Out (0.8 v)
  • One Micro SD slot - to store media files, up to 512GB; 2 USB interfaces - one for phone connection (CarPlayP/Android Auto/AutoLink) and one for external storage devices and media playback. The latter reads up to 2TB SSD. Both SD & SSD must be in FAT32 or NTFS format


Vehicle Fit:


  • Single & Double DIN mounting: Although the chassis of F7 XE-N is ISO standard single DIN (178mm * 100mm), it is also meant to be mounted into a double DIN opening with the DIN pocket included in the package.
  • On F7 XE-N, the 8-in display screen, measuring 204 mm * 132 mm, is attached to the front faceplate of the chassis with a joint. Thus, the display screen stands out from the chassis and allows users to adjust the height and the viewing angle (up or down). Hence the term "floating". Compared to similar units with a 10.1-inch display, the risk of the vents, emergency buttons, etc., getting blocked is greatly reduced with the 8-inch display, while the benefits of a highly adjustable display stay the same.
  • As this is a universally fit head unit, extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). It is the buyer's responsibility to prepare them (if applicable). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a CANBUS data interface, etc.


Notice: Optional parts for working with ATOTO F7 are sold separately: 1. ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering wheel control IR Remote; 2. ATOTO AC-HD02LR Live Rearview Camera (F7 is NOT compatible with AC-HD03LR); All ATOTO optional accessories/parts can be found here: amazon.com/atoto.

WIRELESS CarPlay and Android Auto!


Wireless is simply better

By now, you have come to appreciate the convenience and entertainment CarPlay and Android Auto bring to your motoring life, which has also been a focal point of many of ATOTO's head units. All you need to do is plug your phone in. So, what if we take it to the next level? With F7G1A8XE-N, you can enjoy wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto in your vehicle! No more worries about where to put your plugged phone. No more search for a holder which you find to be superfluous anyway. No more entangled cords to distract you. Free at last!

F7 XE-N supports running CarPlay or Android Auto map navigation while playing FM/AM radio/USB music in the background. Be aware that not all head units can do this!

Note: If you choose to use wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto, to save battery, for instance, factory/original USB cables are required for Android Auto / CarPlay / AutoLink connection. Non-manufacturer made USB cables may easily cause connection issues, such as black screen after minutes of playback, connection failure or unstable phone connection.

ATOTO F7G1A8XE head unit equipped with wireless and wired CarPlay

CarPlay makes driving smarter

You can use all your essential iPhone functions on the road, with CarPlay. Once connected, you will see a familiar interface displayed clearly on the screen of the head unit. Tap the icons to take calls, check voicemails and text messages, pull out maps, and of course, listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music.

You can also control everything using voice commands to Siri. Dictate text messages, make phone calls, control music playback, or get directions without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Important: Wired CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 7.1 or higher. Wireless CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 9.0 or higher.


ATOTO F7G1A8XE equipped with wireless and wired Android Auto

Android Auto gives you all the help you need

Journeys are easier and safer with Android Auto. Connect your Android phone to get traffic information, lane guidance, and real-time navigation assistance from Google maps. You can even send text messages, take calls, or check your voicemails through the simple interface.

Android Auto also includes the outstanding voice-recognition technology, so you can control everything just by speaking. Get directions, send messages, make calls, and play music while keeping your hands safely on the wheel.

Important: Wired Android Auto is compatible with phones with Android 6.0 or higher. Wireless Android Auto projection is compatible with any phone with Android 11.0, a Google or Samsung phone with Android 10.0 (Google Pixel 4, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 20, and Samsung S 10 have been tested to be compatible with wireless Android Auto on F7 XE-N), and selected Samsung phones with Android 9.0 (Samsung S8 and Note 8 have been tested to be compatible with wireless Android Auto on F7 XE-N).


178° full-viewing angle 1280 * 720 IPS display screen, outstanding viewing experience

The IPS display technology is known for its excellent color rendition as well as retaining the naturalness of colors.

Coming with a 1280 * 720 IPS display screen with a 178° full-viewing angle, F7 XE-N offers a much better viewing experience in brightly lit areas. In addition, important app tips such as navigation prompts can be viewed more clearly.


AutoLink (MirrorLink) allows you to cast what's displayed on your smartphone to F7's big screen

You can run online GPS navigation apps (Google Maps, Waze, Tomtom, etc.) or play videos on Youtube, etc. on F7G1A8XE-N's 8-inch screen. AutoLink is compatible with the latest Android & iOS smartphone models.

Considering that neither CarPlay nor Andriod Auto is compatible with video apps such as YouTube, AutoLink provides an alternative option. Important: Some video streaming services (Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney +, etc.) do not support MirrorLink.


With very few smartphones with a curved screen, there will be a tiny black area on the 4 edges of F7 XE-N's screen. This is caused by differences in firmware and the layout of the curved screen.



HD 720P rearview video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature

Typically, head units can only process and display 480-600 lines CVBS rearview video signals. F7 XE-N displays HD 720P rearview videos (ATOTO AC-HD02LR rearview camera is required, sold separately). Say goodbye to snowy static pictures when reversing your vehicle.

Live Rear-View (LRV) - Now you can access the rear view even if your vehicle in moving ahead. This frees you from obstructions of passengers, headrests and the vehicle's roof and rear pillars, increasing the field of view and offering the driver a clear view of the lanes behind and common blind-spots. You can set one of the steering wheel keys as a shortcut for quick access.

ATOTO AC-44F5 IR Remote

It is easy to control/operate your ATOTO F7!

While driving, reaching over and trying to operate the head unit can be distracting. F7 XE-N makes it possible to map 18 frequently-used functions to factory steering wheel audio keys for convenient operation. For vehicles without steering wheel audio controls, ATOTO AC-44F5 wireless IR remote is highly recommended. It does not, however, support key mapping (refer to its manual for details).

You can wake up Siri or Google Assistant by voice command, by pressing the physical key on F7 XE-N, or by pressing the corresponding button on your steering wheel (if applicable) or on AC-44F5.


SXM Radio - yet another entertainment option on F7 XE-N


  • SiriusXM brings you the widest variety in music, live sports, international news & nonstop comedy via its satellite radio services. Just plug in a SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (i.e. SiriusXM SXV300AZV1 Satellite Radio Tuner Kit, not included in the package) and enjoy.
  • Note: Subscription is required.

Video out

USB audio/video playback & video outputs for headrest monitors


  • Built-in music/video player allows users to play back high quality audio and max. 1080P videos on F7G1A8XE-N. All you need to do is hook up an external USB storage device or a Micro SD card with media files on it! It supports up to 512GB MicroSD & 2TB (2048GB) USB SSD for multimedia playback.
  • Built-in video outputs in the back allow users to connect up to 2 monitors to F7 XE-N. The kids in the back seat will certainly love it!

ATOTO Quick Charge

Fast Phone Charging While Plugged-in

Powered by inner PMS firmware, ATOTO F7 can deliver power to smartphones faster than other head units (300mA - 500mA) while running wired CarPlay/Android Auto (Max. 1.5A). Data transmission & phone charging can be done simultaneously.

Maximal charging speed is determined by the charging protocol of the phone and the length and the materials of the charging cable.


Constant Firmware Update from ATOTO

  • Register your purchased products at the AOCSS system (support.myatoto.com) and you may get an extended 180-day product protection (see details announced there). Registering products helps you obtain support easily with top priority as we can access the initial order details & the product SN code.
  • ATOTO has been continuously improving the system firmware of the F7 series every a few months once necessary. Get continued firmware updates when available to reduce bugs and add new features.
  • Find notification about available firmware updates at ATOTO Online