Choose ATOTO F7 Car Radio Receiver to Find a Very Convenient and Simply Upgrade!

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ATOTO F7 Digital receiver is safer, smarter and more fun way that provides both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in one package, the apps and icons are familiar and easy to use like Spotify and Google Maps, integrated touch display, Don’t need extra time to learn new or installing any apps.


This affordable Android auto/carplay head unit is high on value and excellent in performance. It features a sharp and clear optional 7''/8''/10'' IPS display controlling the system via touches and swipes is effortless, (XE version comes with QLED display).


Bluetooth wireless audio streaming is included, also supported wired connection on smartphone mirroring functionality, the system also includes a backup camera input, comes with ATOTO AC-HD02LR back up camera which has HD resolution with live rear view(LRV) feature creating a safe in a crowded parking environment,


Also ATOTO F7 is less expensive than you might think.  With its great capacity and minimum $170 price, ATOTO F7 is no doubt a meaningful upgrade to your vehicle, the display is large, clear, and responsive, and it provides a safer, more elegant way to control our media and navigation apps in the car.

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